A Simple Tarot Card Spread Is Enough To Understand The Needs Of Your Relationship!

Everyone has questions in their heads related to their relationship but they don’t know the proper way to get them answered. These are the most common questions which pop up in everyone’s mind! So, we know that you too have some question to get answers of so, do not worry coz we are here now to help you with this.

Having questions and doubts in minds is the common & basic part of human nature. We want them to be answered as soon as possible but we humans have some limitations and we do not know everything so, here we need a medium to guide us and answer all our

questions. The Tarot is the best guide and medium for this. The simple spread can easily clear all your doubts out of your head and answer every question of your relationship.

You have to just take a normal Tarot Card deck and shuffle them properly then take any 5 cards which will answer your questions and clear all your doubts. Take them and spread on the table then flip them one by one and read them and all your answers you were looking for will be in your mind now.

Here is the Tarot card spread which I have done, I am going share my experience with you all so, that you will get an idea, how to use this spread:

My First card was about my confusion- This card shows that you do not need to get confused about your intention. For example, you are planning out to take this relationship to

another level live-in relationship or proper marriage but you are confused that what will be your partner’s reaction? So, this card is just trying to say that you don’t need to be confused, just move a step ahead and ask him or her with all confidence.

My next card was about the partner- This card will help you to tackle your partner’s mood which is very necessary to understand. This card will help you to understand the mental state of your partner like what is in his or her head right now. So, if you get to know about the mental state of your partner then you can manage your relationship very smoothly in the way your partner likes.

My next card was about present conditions- This card will help to understand the

current situation of your relationship and once you will get to know the present condition of the relationship of yours then you can easily fix the loopholes and errors you found in your relationship so, that you could save your relationship and make it better.

My 4th card was about the upcoming hurdles- This card is like a general forecast channel which telecast the weather prediction news but the difference is that their predictions might be wrong sometimes but the forecasting of this card will never be wrong. This card is to aware you about the future issues, your relationship will face so, that you can make your relationship more strong from now to face those hurdles.

My last card was about Compatibility- This card will let you know about the compatibility between you and your partner so, that you can give some extra time to each other and this relationship as well. This card will help you by giving you a chance to get closer once again and understand each other very well so, that you both can be ready to give this relationship a name.

So, that was all my experience which I had with the Tarot spread and surprisingly after this session, I gave more time to my relationship and partner as well. No, our understanding and compatibility are so high that we are planning out to marry next month. Why don’t you guys follow this and have a session with the Tarot cards for the betterment of your relationship! Just go and surprise your partner by changing her mood by putting a smile on her face.

Few Questions You should Ask before Love Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is a very effective and best way to get information related to our future. We can find solutions to many problems by tarot reading. Can get information about a lot of things and they can try to make you’re future successful and easy. Tarot cards tell us the information related to our future, the information about our future problems, and the solution to dealing with those problems. Apart from this, tarot reading gives us information about a lot of things. Like we give information about our career, gives us information about our love life, how will our partners be it gives us information about it, etc. Today we will talk about love life We will know today how Tarot Card can give us information about our Love Life. But even before that, we will know, what questions should we ask before the Love Tarot reading? So that we can measure ourselves, whether we are ready for Love Tarot reading or not? Let’s see, some questions that we should ask before the Love Tarot reading.

First of all, we should ask our past with the tarot card. This is important because it is very simple in our past but hidden errors from our eyes, which we can not see. The tarot card will tell us about the mistakes made in our past, and the information we get about the same mistakes will be our experience in our present time. That’s why our first question should be, how was our past? And what kind of mistakes we have made in our past that we could not realize? When the Tarot Card will tell you these details then you will realize that you have probably done some mistakes like this, due to which your present is not stable today. As well as the tarot card will also suggest you stabilize your present. So do not be disappointed! Tarot Card makes your life easy and successful. So trust the Tarot Card, he will give you the right information.

The second question is that we should ask about our future tomorrow, should ask about our future, like what problems we face in our future, and what are the preparations we have to make today to deal with those problems? The tarot card will tell you how much your future is, and how big is black. At the same time, you will be fully assisted in preparing you for your future challenges and problems. Tarot cards will make you ready to deal with the problems that are coming up fast. It’s your job to trust the tarot card, and your trust is not broken, it’s a tarot card job!
The third question is that we should ask about our career, that our career is in this situation today, will it always be in that situation? Have we made some mistakes in our career, which we should atonement today, in order to make our future and future of our career prosperous? The tarot card will also tell you this information. You have to do all the work, keeping in mind the tips given by the Tarot Card. Doing so will make your future, your present and your past three beautiful and easy.

So this is some question that should ask the tarot reader before the love tarot reading! So, that we could figure ourselves out whether we are ready for the Love Tarot readings or not! Therefore, it is important to ask this question before important reading like Love Tarot Reading. So that you can decide that love is more important now in your life or your constant current is more important! You have to decide, and you also have to trust the tarot cards. So trust the Tarot card, and live your life with bliss

The Archangels

Angels are interconnected within man’s culture. Despite the religion or belief system, angel’s stories are a part of our heritage, which make human history. According to recent surveys, approx eighty-five percent of peoples in America believe in angels. Then there are some superior angels called Archangels. Archangels are the spiritual beings that are very powerful. Many traditions and beliefs refer to seven Archangels, but the accurate number of Archangels is unknown. Archangels possess capabilities in the form of healers and guides as mentioned in many scriptures which can help us to conquer difficult situations of life.

Archangel Raphael
‘God heals’ is the meaning of Archangel Raphael. He contributes healing at the physical and emotional level. Addictions and cravings can be reduced with the help of Archangel Raphael. He can also help in healing injuries and illness. He is also the guardian of the passengers, looking at them to ensure a nice and happy journey.

Archangel Michael
‘He who is like god’ is the meaning of Archangel Michael. In many scriptures and spiritual traditions, Archangel Michael is said to be the greatest of all the Archangels and closest to the god. He is known for providing food and spreading the knowledge. It is said that his job is to take care of the law enforcement agencies in the world. He represents protection, faith, and will of God.

Archangel Gabriel
‘God is my strength’ is the meaning of Archangel of Gabriel. She is the only female Archangel who holds a trumpet in her hands. She is known to be the messenger of God. She helps in boosting confidence and overcome fears. She is also helpful to children during the time of their birth.

Archangel Jophiel
‘Beauty of God’ is the meaning of Archangel Jophiel. She contributes towards positive thinking and brings good thoughts to our mind and we will be able to see life with a better point of view. He tends to diminish the quality of ego in us. Archangel Jophiel helps the artist to beautify their art.

Archangel Ariel
‘Lion or lioness of God’ is the meaning of Archangel Ariel. Archangel Ariel is known to be the protector of natural resources, ecosystem, and wildlife of the planet. He is also known to take care of celestial bodies like sun, moon and the other planets. Food, water, and shelter needed by the living beings are also ensured by Archangel Ariel.

Archangel Azrael
‘Whom God helps’ is the meaning of Archangel Azrael. ‘Angel of Death’ is one more name associated with him. He helps the dead people in transition from this world to the other side. Azrael is not only responsible for transition in the process of death but also in the transition required in relationships, career, addiction etc. He is there so that the transition can happen smoothly.

Archangel Chamuel
‘He who sees God’ is the meaning of Archangel Chamuel. He is known to eliminate the negative energies from the world to establish peace all around us. He is also known for finding important aspects of life like love, relationship, friendship, job etc. He helps in eliminating the misunderstandings in relationships. He is also known for releasing stress and reducing the problems of anxiety in people’s life.


Death is a process of decaying and termination of an organism. There are various reasons and factors which leads to death. As life grows and all human and animals grow and reproduce, with the time their body start to degrade. The system of the body fails to function and repair self that causes permanent detrition. Some of the other words used for denoting death includes passed, gone, expired and deceased.Main reasons for death are:-

Aging:- Defined as the degradation of an organism with time. It is a natural process where with time body of an organism stop its full functioning and result cause due to malfunction of the system leads to the death of an organism.

Disease:- Disease is another factor responsible for the death of an organism. Any factor affecting the normal functioning of a body is called a disease. There is two main reason for the condition.
1. External:- Some viruses and bacteria are responsible for causing the disease to an organism.
2. Internal:- Internal factors include a self-immune system of an organism.

The dysfunction caused by these two factors is called a disease. These dysfunctions of the system can cause pain, stress, dysfunction of the entire organism and even death.

Suicide:- In recent year suicide has come up as one of the major reason for death. In suicide people intentionally end there life. There are various reasons and methods available to end one’s life. Some of the reasons due to which individual commits suicide includes Depression, stress, personality disorder also drug and liquor influence. Apart from these mentioned reasons, there can be several other reasons which can promote self-killing. People use firearms, poison, hanging and jumping to death as means to suicide.

Accident:- Accidents also contribute majorly in deaths. Accident refers to an unintentional sequence of action which leads to a fatal outcome. Earlier the count of accidental death are very few, but with various new inventions and developments, the number of unintentional death increased. Though there are multiple safety measures and instructions, try to control the fatal accidents but even due to the smallest of mistakes or negligence accidents prove to take life.

Homicide:- Homicide is an act of killing one human by other. Homicide can be an outcome of mass execution, wars, legal punishment, accidents, murder and even killing of someone for the sake of self-defense. In every modern society, there are some parameters and legal definitions which differentiate these acts of killing.

In all the occasions and reasons for death there is a similar process of emotional setbacks and sadness. Death in the society is followed by some of the religious rituals, based on the practices and principal outlined by the religion they follow. Almost every religion of the world believes in the afterlife. Afterlife is a concept of life after death. It is thought that when an individual dies, he or she leaves this physical world and start his journey to the new world of wisdom and faith. Some of the society also believe on Judgement Day, i.e. day of reward and punishment for the acts of this world. Though scientifically; this concept of the afterlife does not have any significance, scientists are trying their best to understand death and working hard to find ways of increasing lifespan. What so ever be the outcome but death is an essential part of this life.


After death, our loved ones do have an afterlife in heaven and they want to be connected with us because of the bond we share with each other. Usually people text us or make a call if they want to talk with us. After death they still want to communicate with us by sending messages in different ways. These messages can be in a form of song or a three dimensional picture. The picture could be a simple one in starting but will converted into a three dimensional figure after you move your eyes from it as if we saw something real for a nanosecond . Nothing will happen if you keep staring at that picture. The focus should be on imagining that figure that suddenly pops out in front of you, in order to understand the message.

There is a woman whose husband passed away couple of years ago. She was facing difficulties to move forward in her life and was trapped by his memories. She wanted to communicate with his husband through any medium. She missed him when she has to make important decisions in her life. She often used to think about him and wrote numbers of letter to him as it would make her feel that he is near. Sometimes she would sit on his old favourite chair. Sometimes she wore his husband’s shirt to feel his presence. She told this story to me by an email.

After sometime she stopped writing letters because it was not working for her anymore. She was feeling helpless about him. Her son was also facing some problems in his life and he did not know how to fix it. While all these things were happening, one day she suddenly realise that some lyrics of a song have stuck her mind. She tried to figure out the song but failed. The lyrics were “After you’ve done all you can, after you’ve gone through the storm.

She has a belief that it could be a message from her husband. So she searched the lyrics on the internet and she was stunned. It was a song named stand which her husband love to hear while driving the car. Now she was confirmed that her husband can see that how helpless she is feeling right now and want her to not quit. This song was about standing and waiting for the god to destroy all the problems of your. She knew that her husband wants to help her and their son to conquer their problems to positively lead their life.

Our loved ones from heaven try different ways to forward their messages to help us out from difficult situations. Songs are one of the medium for them to show a correct way to us. So she texted her son about the song that was sent by his father .Her son thanked her for passing that message as it was exactly what he wanted to positively face the situation.

People often get hints from their loved ones to walk forward in their path. They should solve those puzzled hints and try to extract the answers of their question from it.


Animal and human interaction in our day to day life is so common that we stop considering their effects in our life. But if we observe carefully we will find that these animal and pet try to express their feeling in number of ways. Many animals try to tell you there emotions with their actions. These actions can be in different forms like:-
In Physical Form: – Animal can express their emotion by making noise or doing action.
In Mental or emotional Form: Animal leaves an effect on individual with their own feeling; it’s like sharing their concern without saying any words. It’s more like feeling connected with animals and understanding there moods with their expression.
All these actions have their own importance, as these actions are not mere action but they have a deeper meaning associated. There actions are the result of intuitions which they wanted to communicate to the interacting individuals by telepathy. Science proved that animal posses very strong senses as compared to humans making them capable of observing very minute changes which human cannot observe. These capabilities of animals and pet make them see or guess the coming future. But as these future guesses are based on their strong senses and it is for immediate future only.
Sharing the glimpse of future is one of the many benefits of having pet. Interacting with pets and understanding them make an individual realizes the emotions and feeling animal wants to share with them. This is like telepathy of thoughts and this need a lot of patience with animals. Learning the basic of these interaction and communication requires lot of patients and practice apart from gathering information about the importance of action of the animal and pets.
As learning any of the art requires time and practice so does animal communication. But mastering the art of animal communication will create a long lasting bond of love and trust.

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Angel Card Readings

A Guide to Angel Card Readings 

Most of us would be fond to work more intimately with the angels and find a solution to be in touch with them. There are one of the best ways is to utilize angel cards. There are numerous types of angel cards, which can be purchased frequently from online stores. A bunch of angel cards usually includes optimistic letters and encouraging phrases. In this piece of writing, let`s have a small discussion on angel card readings.

What is an angel card reading?

Angel cards are an explicit type of magical prediction card which is related to tarot cards. It can be used to response to the questions about love, life and many other things by which the readers use the decks of the cards to deduce religious messages from a paranormal sphere.

It is probable to acquire your own pack of angel cards from mythic or any other stores. It will be better to purchase decks in person, because you have to prove whether you sense a strong bond with a deck before utilizing it. Angel cards are available in a range of designs, so you can select the design that you like. Although, the shop might have a sample deck to look at but, make sure that the parcel of your new set is conserved as you know that you will be the first person to utilize it.

It will be a good idea to keep your cards in a bag with a quartz precious stone as it will help to disinfect the cards and will your deck will be free from negative power. This will definitely give a positive impact while angel card reading.

How can you find an angel reading?

Angel Cards has become very fashionable over the past few years. They bear a resemblance to the tarot cards in many aspects and while the techniques are different, they prefer the same intention and are not only used to give you suggestion about the history and present events, but also to assist you to take important decisions concerning your upcoming life as well.

These are very comparable to angel card readings, but the expressions are quite different, so the readings are not done using cards. Instead, a religious psychic will jingle into what they consider to be your private guides or minders, or your warden angels, who can give you instructions, imminent and enlightenment that comes honestly from the source of spirit.

There is other trendy way to catch information and stimulation from angels, and a congregation of devout tools and procedures that are used to assist “celestial” insight from the unearthly territory.

Some useful tips for an exact angel card reading
The tips to access the management of the angels by angel cards is as follows:

  • Be in a patent mind
  • Make sure that the place you are reading is spacious
  • Use your time slowly
  • Elevate the quivering
  • Appeal to safety
  • Concentrate on its potency

Final words

If you are fond of angel card reading, then this information will be very useful to you. Just go through it once again so that it will be easier for you to explore it in a better way. If you need guidance, then contact our fortune tellers.

Fortune telling consultations

Plan your life ahead with the fortune telling consultations

Everyone wants their life to be picture perfect. But for human beings, it is impossible to predict life without any trouble. Still, to make it simpler and easy, a fortune telling consultation can be helpful. Do you want to experience the same and at least try your best to move away from the anticipated worries that are visible on the cards? Then consulting a prolific fortune teller can be the most sought after solution for you!

Here, we will explain with a few pointers that how you can know your future and keep protected from the upcoming hassles with the guidance of a trusted fortune telling consultation.

Visit a trusted fortune teller:

Whether you are visiting an Irish fortune teller or a gypsy fortune teller online or offline, make sure that the person is reputed and is famous for solving many cases like that of yours. In a word, the fortune expert shouldn’t be fake for which you will spend both the precious time and money.

Opt for references and search the prime search engines to find out one of the best fortune tellers.

Know your cards:

Usually, the fortune tellers use mediums such as the crystal balls, tea leaves or tarot cards for predicting the future. If you are asked to select the cards, pick one and let the expert read your future so that you could be aware of what is hidden there.

Many people over the ages have trusted these professionals as they believe that their prophecies have helped not only them but the kings and warlords of the ancient ages as well. It will be wrong to consider their powers Wiccan. You can give it some time to think and make sure whether you are choosing the best physic reader from the rest.

Think Positive:

When you are consulting the fortune teller, you should be optimistic about the whole consultation. Instead of being afraid or shy, you should take a step forth to face the future. Always remember, none of the lives are of bed of roses. You have to walk through both the flower beds and the thrones to complete the life that has been destined for you.

Thus, be a sport and accept the prophecy that the tarot reader sees for you.

Ask for solutions:

You can ask for remedies to shield from the forthcoming days. Along with the good things, the consultation can let you know that something serious is also there in your cards. To stay protected from that issue, you can seek remedies so that you may not face the peril as anticipated. Click here If you need someone to help you cleanse your home.

Cross Check:

If you want to cross check the prediction, you can definitely do that to make sure that the prophecies are correct. Plan accordingly, so that you may not have to enter that phase for which the dreadful consequences have been anticipated.

This is your life, plan it best with the help of the online fortune tellers and stay protected. Read more about us here.

6 Steps to Tarot Reading

Among many spiritual practices, tarot reading is considered to be one of the most ancient practices that have helped many people so far. Originating from ancient Egypt, Tarot reading demands patience, confidence to trust the intuition, and the ambiance required for concentrating while reading the cards.

There are many psychics popular for their sound understanding and years of practice. Tarot cards are said to be one of the most sought after mediums when the psychics communicate with the supernatural powers such as angels or the spirits belonging to the other worlds. Not all psychics are tarot readers and vice versa.

When to Consult a Tarot Reader?

You can consider visiting an expert tarot reader if you are interested to know your future or fortune. The readers with their gifted intuition and farsightedness will help you to get a picture of your unknown upcoming days.

Apart from knowing the future, you can consult a tarot reader during trouble times. There are certain crises in which you may feel like consulting an expert psychic. These professionals are gifted with the sound intuition powers with the help of which they can inform you about the sufferings you are dealing with.

How do the tarot readers help?

There are many times when you may feel like seeking some extra help that may not have any rational explanations but, you are desperately looking for an answer. This is the exact time when a professional psychic can come out as a messiah and help you get the answers to all your questions.

Online Tarot Reading—

Nowadays, the tarot reading can be practiced online. The psychics can send you the readings through emails and chat services. You can enjoy the advantages of online tarot consultations after visiting a couple of websites that offer online tarot reading services.

In such cases, make sure that you are ready with the questions you want to ask the expert. Keep the questions handy so that you may not waste time because the tarot readers charge per minute.

Phone Tarot Reading—



Phone tarot reading is one of the most sought after services, which is available these days. If the reader is ready to offer 24/7 services, you can feel free to call him/her up even in the middle of the night to get an answer for the doubt that has just splashed in your head.

Good and reputed tarot readers, like the ones you will find at livepsychic (the premier Irish spiritual site) help many people like you with their immediate service via the telephonic consultations.

The Perfect Ambiance—

For a perfect tarot reading, you need a great ambiance. The environment must be serene and blissful. If you ever visit the office of a tarot reader you will find the area to be clean and pleasantly decorated. The office is always peaceful and sometimes they play soft and serene music to create and amiable atmosphere for the reading.

Questions to Ask—

It is always suggested to jot down the questions or your queries you have. Instead of jumbling up loads of questions, write them down on a piece of paper and ask one-by-one to the tarot consultant so that they can go through those questions and try to give you a positive answer one at a time.

So, these are the most sought after six popular steps to consult a tarot reading service. Try these and get the best results.


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Cleanse your Home

5 Ways to Cleanse your Home with the Energy of the Angels

Positive energy has a major role to play in human lives. It creates an encouraging aura that helps us all the way to start fresh and think optimistic. The angels help a lot in creating the positive aura and as they release the good energies in our house and workplace, we instantly start enjoying the wonderful feeling that is constructive and bright.

When you need Energy Cleaning?

Are you feeling irritated and uncomfortable in your home? Is it that a constant negative power is holding you back with unprogressive thinking and fear? The pessimistic thoughts are mainly nests from the negative powers that is surrounding your home sweet home. This is the exact time when the energy cleansing with the help of the angels is necessary to get back the previous glamour and positivity inside your house. You should consult a reputed angel reader immediately for help. Make sure the person is well-known for cleaning the negative energies at residences or workplace. You must also think of taking such step after any illness or rehabilitation.

Here are the 5 ways that are mainly suggested by the angel readers to cleanse the aura with positive energies in your house—

Get rid of the clutter

When you are welcoming positive energies in your home, first of all, you need to give the effort of cleaning the mess inside your house. Make sure the kitchen, bathroom, along with the living room and bedrooms are neat and clean. Keep no sign of untidiness in your home because in such places the negative energies nest and hamper your peace of life. If the psychical clutter is removed from your residence, the energetic clutter causing the stagnancy and negativity in your surrounding can be removed conveniently.

Keep the windows open

Open the windows of your home and let the sunlight and fresh air come inside the house. If your home is air-conditioned, then also you can remove the curtains to let the light comes in to remove the negativity and ensure positive vibes across the residence. Just an hour is enough to cleanse the aura of the home. Try this daily to get the fresh spirit every time.

Sage cleansing is necessary

Buy the dried bundle of sage herbs from the market and store it. Take some of those dried herbs and burn them on a platter and roam from one room to another by holding the burning sage plate. Make sure before doing that you have opened the windows and doors of your house to let the negative aura leave your property with the smoke of the sage. Sage is considered as a one-stop herb for raising positive energy vibrations.

Keep crystals 

Buy popular crystals like rose quartz, black tourmaline, clear quartz points, selenite etc and keep them inside your home. It absorbs the electromagnetic energy ejected from the mobile phones, TVs, and other gadgets inside the home.

Call the angels

Finally, when the aura is cleansed completely, call the angels to come in your place along with the white light and give you the positive energies that you need. The angels bring in the positive vibes, love and compassion inside the residence.