A Simple Tarot Card Spread Is Enough To Understand The Needs Of Your Relationship!

Everyone has questions in their heads related to their relationship but they don’t know the proper way to get them answered. These are the most common questions which pop up in everyone’s mind! So, we know that you too have some question to get answers of so, do not worry coz we are here now to help you with this.

Having questions and doubts in minds is the common & basic part of human nature. We want them to be answered as soon as possible but we humans have some limitations and we do not know everything so, here we need a medium to guide us and answer all our

questions. The Tarot is the best guide and medium for this. The simple spread can easily clear all your doubts out of your head and answer every question of your relationship.

You have to just take a normal Tarot Card deck and shuffle them properly then take any 5 cards which will answer your questions and clear all your doubts. Take them and spread on the table then flip them one by one and read them and all your answers you were looking for will be in your mind now.

Here is the Tarot card spread which I have done, I am going share my experience with you all so, that you will get an idea, how to use this spread:

My First card was about my confusion- This card shows that you do not need to get confused about your intention. For example, you are planning out to take this relationship to

another level live-in relationship or proper marriage but you are confused that what will be your partner’s reaction? So, this card is just trying to say that you don’t need to be confused, just move a step ahead and ask him or her with all confidence.

My next card was about the partner- This card will help you to tackle your partner’s mood which is very necessary to understand. This card will help you to understand the mental state of your partner like what is in his or her head right now. So, if you get to know about the mental state of your partner then you can manage your relationship very smoothly in the way your partner likes.

My next card was about present conditions- This card will help to understand the

current situation of your relationship and once you will get to know the present condition of the relationship of yours then you can easily fix the loopholes and errors you found in your relationship so, that you could save your relationship and make it better.

My 4th card was about the upcoming hurdles- This card is like a general forecast channel which telecast the weather prediction news but the difference is that their predictions might be wrong sometimes but the forecasting of this card will never be wrong. This card is to aware you about the future issues, your relationship will face so, that you can make your relationship more strong from now to face those hurdles.

My last card was about Compatibility- This card will let you know about the compatibility between you and your partner so, that you can give some extra time to each other and this relationship as well. This card will help you by giving you a chance to get closer once again and understand each other very well so, that you both can be ready to give this relationship a name.

So, that was all my experience which I had with the Tarot spread and surprisingly after this session, I gave more time to my relationship and partner as well. No, our understanding and compatibility are so high that we are planning out to marry next month. Why don’t you guys follow this and have a session with the Tarot cards for the betterment of your relationship! Just go and surprise your partner by changing her mood by putting a smile on her face.