Death is a process of decaying and termination of an organism. There are various reasons and factors which leads to death. As life grows and all human and animals grow and reproduce, with the time their body start to degrade. The system of the body fails to function and repair self that causes permanent detrition. Some of the other words used for denoting death includes passed, gone, expired and deceased.Main reasons for death are:-

Aging:- Defined as the degradation of an organism with time. It is a natural process where with time body of an organism stop its full functioning and result cause due to malfunction of the system leads to the death of an organism.

Disease:- Disease is another factor responsible for the death of an organism. Any factor affecting the normal functioning of a body is called a disease. There is two main reason for the condition.
1. External:- Some viruses and bacteria are responsible for causing the disease to an organism.
2. Internal:- Internal factors include a self-immune system of an organism.

The dysfunction caused by these two factors is called a disease. These dysfunctions of the system can cause pain, stress, dysfunction of the entire organism and even death.

Suicide:- In recent year suicide has come up as one of the major reason for death. In suicide people intentionally end there life. There are various reasons and methods available to end one’s life. Some of the reasons due to which individual commits suicide includes Depression, stress, personality disorder also drug and liquor influence. Apart from these mentioned reasons, there can be several other reasons which can promote self-killing. People use firearms, poison, hanging and jumping to death as means to suicide.

Accident:- Accidents also contribute majorly in deaths. Accident refers to an unintentional sequence of action which leads to a fatal outcome. Earlier the count of accidental death are very few, but with various new inventions and developments, the number of unintentional death increased. Though there are multiple safety measures and instructions, try to control the fatal accidents but even due to the smallest of mistakes or negligence accidents prove to take life.

Homicide:- Homicide is an act of killing one human by other. Homicide can be an outcome of mass execution, wars, legal punishment, accidents, murder and even killing of someone for the sake of self-defense. In every modern society, there are some parameters and legal definitions which differentiate these acts of killing.

In all the occasions and reasons for death there is a similar process of emotional setbacks and sadness. Death in the society is followed by some of the religious rituals, based on the practices and principal outlined by the religion they follow. Almost every religion of the world believes in the afterlife. Afterlife is a concept of life after death. It is thought that when an individual dies, he or she leaves this physical world and start his journey to the new world of wisdom and faith. Some of the society also believe on Judgement Day, i.e. day of reward and punishment for the acts of this world. Though scientifically; this concept of the afterlife does not have any significance, scientists are trying their best to understand death and working hard to find ways of increasing lifespan. What so ever be the outcome but death is an essential part of this life.