Animal and human interaction in our day to day life is so common that we stop considering their effects in our life. But if we observe carefully we will find that these animal and pet try to express their feeling in number of ways. Many animals try to tell you there emotions with their actions. These actions can be in different forms like:-
In Physical Form: – Animal can express their emotion by making noise or doing action.
In Mental or emotional Form: Animal leaves an effect on individual with their own feeling; it’s like sharing their concern without saying any words. It’s more like feeling connected with animals and understanding there moods with their expression.
All these actions have their own importance, as these actions are not mere action but they have a deeper meaning associated. There actions are the result of intuitions which they wanted to communicate to the interacting individuals by telepathy. Science proved that animal posses very strong senses as compared to humans making them capable of observing very minute changes which human cannot observe. These capabilities of animals and pet make them see or guess the coming future. But as these future guesses are based on their strong senses and it is for immediate future only.
Sharing the glimpse of future is one of the many benefits of having pet. Interacting with pets and understanding them make an individual realizes the emotions and feeling animal wants to share with them. This is like telepathy of thoughts and this need a lot of patience with animals. Learning the basic of these interaction and communication requires lot of patients and practice apart from gathering information about the importance of action of the animal and pets.
As learning any of the art requires time and practice so does animal communication. But mastering the art of animal communication will create a long lasting bond of love and trust.

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