After death, our loved ones do have an afterlife in heaven and they want to be connected with us because of the bond we share with each other. Usually people text us or make a call if they want to talk with us. After death they still want to communicate with us by sending messages in different ways. These messages can be in a form of song or a three dimensional picture. The picture could be a simple one in starting but will converted into a three dimensional figure after you move your eyes from it as if we saw something real for a nanosecond . Nothing will happen if you keep staring at that picture. The focus should be on imagining that figure that suddenly pops out in front of you, in order to understand the message.

There is a woman whose husband passed away couple of years ago. She was facing difficulties to move forward in her life and was trapped by his memories. She wanted to communicate with his husband through any medium. She missed him when she has to make important decisions in her life. She often used to think about him and wrote numbers of letter to him as it would make her feel that he is near. Sometimes she would sit on his old favourite chair. Sometimes she wore his husband’s shirt to feel his presence. She told this story to me by an email.

After sometime she stopped writing letters because it was not working for her anymore. She was feeling helpless about him. Her son was also facing some problems in his life and he did not know how to fix it. While all these things were happening, one day she suddenly realise that some lyrics of a song have stuck her mind. She tried to figure out the song but failed. The lyrics were “After you’ve done all you can, after you’ve gone through the storm.

She has a belief that it could be a message from her husband. So she searched the lyrics on the internet and she was stunned. It was a song named stand which her husband love to hear while driving the car. Now she was confirmed that her husband can see that how helpless she is feeling right now and want her to not quit. This song was about standing and waiting for the god to destroy all the problems of your. She knew that her husband wants to help her and their son to conquer their problems to positively lead their life.

Our loved ones from heaven try different ways to forward their messages to help us out from difficult situations. Songs are one of the medium for them to show a correct way to us. So she texted her son about the song that was sent by his father .Her son thanked her for passing that message as it was exactly what he wanted to positively face the situation.

People often get hints from their loved ones to walk forward in their path. They should solve those puzzled hints and try to extract the answers of their question from it.